A place to do your best work

No feedback from employers or recruiters? Without it, you have no plan or direction.


Someone's lack of clarity shouldn't have you questioning whether you're doing the right thing. Especially when the clock's ticking.


Work to find. Skills to develop. Bills to pay.   

Like you, we understand what you can do when you have clear feedback and the right tools to find work.


If you're from a technical, engineering or mid-senior management background, things will different around here. 

"Inverse is the best recruitment company I've dealt with. At all times, they acted with integrity and transparency. They helped ensure the identification of an opportunity through to the actual transition, and beyond was seamless.  


They're extremely professional in their conduct with a genuine interest in finding the right people for the right roles. I'd highly recommend them to anyone looking for the next move in their career."

Andy Brunn - Senior Associate

How does this work?​

 2% of people who apply for jobs online find work. Over 80% of people who've worked with Inverse to build their value proposition have found work directly or through our networks.

You're not a statistic. You're on your way to finding a great employer where you can do your best work. 


Speak with Inverse and run through your CV, what you're looking for and your expectations together


Develop and agree an accurate value proposition to engage potential employers


Inverse speaks with a targeted group of companies to assess potential interest and match your expectations


Receive regular feedback and advice

throughout. If we're unable to help you, you'll know right away. We'll recommend other options.