• Mark Pearce

10 questions you can ask hiring managers to sell your jobs more effectively

Work in internal or external recruitment? Let's address the elephant in the room.

We all talk about attracting high-performing people to our businesses, yet some of us clock up a 4-minute mile when we learn we have to sell our jobs (and companies).

The fact is, the people we want to hire want to know 'why' they should join us.

This means talking or writing about our companies and our jobs with enthusiasm and honesty. It means helping someone picture themselves in one of our jobs, working for us. It means outlining how they’ll benefit working for us - not how we’ll benefit.

If we can't light a fire under someone in a job ad, over the phone or a face-to-face meeting, we may as well leave the recruitment industry.

We have to create enough desire in someone that they trust us and engage with us. And that doesn't involve promoting our businesses through tired-looking job descriptions.

Probably the reason why 85% of Australians have stopped applying to jobs online.

Here's some good news - it's not that hard to make our companies and jobs look 'exciting' without using the word redundantly on social media.

The chaps at Inverse have put together a short guide that will give you 10 questions you can ask any hiring manager to make your jobs easier to sell - and fill.

They're questions you can ask any hiring manager the next time you're putting a brief together. * We'll assume you know what a brief is.

Click the following link to download your copy of 10 questions you can ask your hiring managers to sell your jobs more effectively.

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