• Mark Pearce

5 ways to check recruiters are selling your jobs and company effectively

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

When you start working with a recruiter, it’s important to understand how they’ll promote your company to the market. Most employers send a recruiter on their way and wait for them to send candidates through. 

It’s the part that happens in-between you should keep an eye on. Why? Because your brand matters. Do you really know what recruiters are saying about your jobs and company? If you don't, you should. 

Here are 5 ways to check in on your recruiters and ensure your jobs are being sold effectively and your company is being presented in a positive light.

1. Check the job brief.

When you hire a recruiter to fill a job, they’ll write what’s known as a brief. Ideally, this is done with the hiring manager (and HR where necessary). This brief is what they’ll use to tell people about your job and company. 

Before they leave your building, check the level of detail they’ve written down. Can you be confident in the detail they have to find you the right person?

Don’t let them leave your office without checking this information because a poorly informed recruiter can harm your market reputation.

2. Check their job ads 

Because job ads are displayed to the general public, you want to ensure the recruiter is sending the right message.

Does it represent your business professionally? Does it support your brand or does it harm it? If it looks like the recruiter has copied your job description and posted it online, it's evident they've not shown any thought about your job or company. 

Look for a recruiter who thinks creatively. Look at their style of writing. Study the level of information they've shared in their ad, for example: 

Do applicants know what they’ll be doing, who it will impact, what they’ll learn and what their career options look like with you? Or does it look like a self-promotional shopping list of needs and demands?

If it’s the latter, call your recruiter and ask them to write a better advert. 

If a recruiter can't sell your job in an ad, how will they sell it to someone face to face?


3. Check the quality of CVs

If you are receiving unsuitable or poor quality CVs, it’s likely the recruiter has not understood the job opportunity or your company. Or it could be that they’re not assessing candidates correctly. 

Give them a call and ask them to talk you through their assessment process. 

4. Ask candidates at an interview how the job was sold to them

When you’re interviewing candidates, ask them what they’ve learned from your recruiter.

Specifically, find out what they know about your company, the job, culture, strategy and and why this opportunity currently sounds better than the job they’re currently in. 

You’ll be able to tell fairly quickly how much detail the recruiter went into. Also ask them what the recruiter was like to work with. 

5. Phone the recruiter at any time and asked them to pitch your job back to you

Give your recruiter a call and ask them to sell the opportunity to your hiring manager.

Seriously. Why not? Chances are, if the recruiter can’t confidently and enthusiastically sell your job, it’s likely they’ll be sharing the same level of negligence with the market.

Five simple ways to help you understand whether your recruiter is selling your company and job opportunity effectively.

What’s next?

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