• Mark Pearce

Mining Insights: A snapshot of Western Australia's mining sector

The beginning of a new chapter?

It was a cold, dark April morning in 2017. On the end of the phone, a voice whispered, "Have you seen the tech metals article by ABC? I think WA is on her way back."

A quick search for the ABC article outlined China's evolving electric vehicles market, advanced battery technology and storage grids that were driving the demand for metals like lithium, vanadium and cobalt.

As I read, my mind raced with the potential opportunities for Western Australia. Would this demand help our unemployment figures? Would we see similar patterns of shipping commodities to China for them to process? Would there be another boom?

12 months on, we're seeing encouraging signs for Western Australia's mining sector. It's not only the demand for tech metals that's driving renewed confidence, a steady rise in employment and an increase in job vacancies. Gold and iron ore projects are quickly gathering speed.

This bite-sized snapshot will outline what's driving Western Australia's renewed

confidence and growth. It will give you an easy-to-follow insight into what's

happening across our State, as well as an idea of the skills in demand and those already reaching scarcity.

To download your copy, click on the picture below.

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